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Enrollment for Classes
Formation of Curriculum
The curriculum provided by the SeoulTech Graduate School of Energy and Environment is formed based on the provisions of Article 88 of school regulations.
Completion of Curriculum
The subjects included in the graduate school curriculum are divided into major compulsory and major optional, and major compulsory subjects are subjects directly needed for professional academic research in the relevant department and must be completed.
Credits Required for Completion
The graduate school education course consists of first, subject credits obtained by completing subjects, and second, research credits obtained by performing thesis research suggested by the supervising professor. Research credits must be registered and acquired from the 3rd semester for students in the Master’s Program, from the 4th semester for students in the Doctorate Program. The minimum number of credits required for graduation is 27 for the Master’s Program, 36 for the Doctorate Program and 60 for the Combined Master’s and Doctorate Program.
Course Registration
  • Period : During the designated period every semester (Refer to school schedule)
  • Method
  • ① Check the every semester course
  • ② Go to the quick menu for Student Information (graduate School) on the right side of the SeoulTech homepage
  • ③ Enter classification (graduate student), ID (student ID number), resident registration number (13 digits), password
    (last 7 digits of resident registration number) to log in
  • ④ Click ‘Course Management’ at the bottom of the ‘Student’ page and click Course Registration/Revise Registration’ to view the timetable of courses registered in the affiliated department.
  • ⑤ Click the ‘save’ button for the course you wish to register to complete course registration.
※ Fill out and submit a separate form provided in department to register courses in other departments, graduate schools or for UP (university-level program) courses.
Application for Issue of Parking Tag
  • Applicants : Graduate students that possess vehicles
  • Place of registration for issuance : Parking Office (University Headquarters 2F Room#202)
  • Period of issuance : beginning of every semester
  • Parking fee : 60,000 KRW/semester
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