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Introduction Faculty Curriculum
Department of Energy System Engineering
The mission of the Department of Energy System Engineering is to educate high-level engineers and leaders who play an important role in the areas of renewable energy, clean energy, efficient use of energy, management for energy-saving, energy-saving high-efficiency components and material development.
Education and Research
The priority areas of education and research in the Department of Energy System Engineering cover production technology (wave power, wind power, hydro, solar, geothermal) of clean energy, performance analysis of clean energy systems, development of high-efficiency energy conversion material, ultra-fine processing technology, exhaust gas reduction devices, and standardization technology of system parts and materials design technology. Applied topics include fields such as cold and heat transfer media technology design, construction technology, equipment technology, control system of energy-saving equipments, enumerate management technology, and vibration reduction devices.
Applications and Industries
Theoretical, experimental and numerical research on fundamental and advanced topics conducting in the Department of Energy System Engineering applies to power and gas equipments, high-efficiency fuel cells, environment machineries, renewable energy engineering, automotive engineering, high-efficiency clean energy devices, air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, thermal-hydraulic systems and energy saving buildings.
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