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Dean's Welcome
Dean's Greeting
We aim to cultivate the foremost experts in energy technology and policy in a knowledge information society.
Acquiring key fundamental technology will determine success in cutting edge energy environment technology.

Recently, as global warming has increasingly become more of an international problem, there has been increased interest in reducing greenhouse gases, securing energy resources in preparation for depletion of oil and sustainable economic growth to conserve the global environment, and green growth. In the center of all these issues is energy environment technology including new renewable energy.

Securing technology in accordance to the transformation to an environmentally friendly energy paradigm
Acquiring key fundamental technology will determine success in cutting edge energy environment technology. There is already intense technology competition in advanced countries, but there are many areas currently at the beginning level, and it is an area in which we can catch up in the long term with suitable investment and human resources. Because our country has no resources in this area, we need to pin our hopes and interest on energy environment technology to secure national energy for future sustainable economic development.
After the industrial revolution, modern society had developed on the basis of fossil energy. The energy paradigm is now transforming to an environmentally friendly sustainable society, and ‘securing technology leads to securing energy’ in the energy environment field. Industrialization of energy environment technology is a definite solution to lead green growth.

Establishment and operation of the first Graduate School of Energy and Environment in the country
For appropriate technology development, policy making, and implementation, there is need to first cultivate experts in new renewable energy development, efficient production and distribution of energy, and energy policy development. Our university has established the Graduate School of Energy and Environment in 2004 with the purpose of cultivating a high quality energy technology and environment technology workforce equipped with the technology to enhance the economic feasibility of energy and the competence to establish energy policies.

To fulfill our educational goals, we opened regular departments such as the Department of New Energy Engineering, Department of Environmental Energy Engineering, Department of Energy System Engineering, and Department of Energy Policy, and contract departments such as the Department of Energy Plant Engineering, Department of Energy Mechanical Facility Engineering, and Department of Plant Engineering. We organized a prestigious faculty for each field to endeavor in educating a high quality workforce and performing research in relevant areas.

Cultivate world’s best professional workforce for energy environment We will actively recruit the best professors for each key area to form a quality education and research environment. This will heighten the research performance of professors and students. We will introduce a system to select quality students, and continue in our efforts to fulfill our duties as an energy specialized education institute for cultivating high quality professionals for the energy environment.
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